Melbourne Victory and La Ionica share a robust partnership, rooted in a mutual commitment to excellence, which has been a significant feature since the 2005/06 A-League season. La Ionica, a prominent player in the poultry industry, has been a consistent presence on the playing kits of Melbourne Victory’s men’s, women’s, and youth teams, symbolising a deep-seated alliance. Both organisations, celebrating shared values and a dedication to growth, have contributed substantially to the development of football in Australia. This partnership reflects a blend of Melbourne Victory’s sporting spirit and La Ionica’s dedication to quality and community involvement.

Roddy Preparing La Ionica Chicken

Melbourne Victory Captain Roderick Miranda showing you how to prepare and cook a whole La Ionica chicken the entire family can enjoy.

Rai Prepares La Ionica Chicken Breast

Join Rai Marchan as he guides you through the delightful process of preparing and cooking maple lime chicken skewers, featuring the premium La Ionica chicken breast. Discover a culinary experience the entire family can enjoy.

Kayla Preparing La Ionica Chicken

Follow along with Kayla Morrison as she demonstrates the art of creating a refreshing Mediterranean salad, enhanced with succulent La Ionica chicken thighs. This dish promises a fusion of flavours and a delightful culinary journey that the entire family will cherish.