Quality from farm to plate


Quality from farm to plate.

While our Air Chilling process is important to how La Ionica chicken looks, cooks and tastes, it’s just one part of our commitment to quality. And that commitment starts right at the beginning, on our farms, which are among the most advanced in Australia.

Australian grown to the highest standards.

All La Ionica chicken is 100% Australian, raised on our own farms in regional Victoria to the highest standards of animal welfare, and then processed in one of Australia’s most advanced processing plants. Our animal welfare program ensures that our chickens are cared for with respect by our farmers, in full accordance with animal welfare codes.

Healthy chickens means healthy produce.

The health and well being of our flocks is of paramount importance to all of us at La Ionica. Australia’s biosecurity and food safety standards are among the most stringent in the world, and we always strive not just to meet those standards but to exceed them. That’s vital, because the healthier our chickens are, the better the chicken you buy will be. And that’s what the La Ionica name stands for.