Turosi Australia


Because La Ionica chicken is processed using the European Air-Chilling method, it is more sustainable in two keys ways. First, it saves water. And second, because our chickens are processed using the air chilled method there is no water to absorb during the process, it doesn’t need soaker pads – a big benefit. The La Ionica Sustainability and Technical team are also constantly working to make our operations more sustainable, finding new ways to reduce waste and energy use, and minimising the amount of waste used as landfill.

Food Safety

Food Safety and Quality are core values of the La Ionica brand and are at the forefront of everything we do to ensure we exceed expectations. Imbedding a Food Safety Culture into every aspect of our business is critical to our people and especially our customers, and our whole team works collaboratively to meet our goal to always produce safe, high quality food

Animal Welfare

The health and welfare of our poultry is a responsibility we take very seriously and we are committed to ensuring we are always at the forefront of industry best practice.